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Ca-Expert.Com provides free listings to all qualified experts serving California and free access to the list by any person who is interested in reviewing the Expert Witness List for the purpose of locating and retaining the services of these experts.

Ca-Experts.Com accepts all submissions to this site at face value and cannot verify the accuracy of the content of these submissions. Ca-Experts.Com makes no representation as to the qualifications or competence of those listed, and has not investigated the accuracy or authenticity of the information received. Prior to retaining an expert witness or consultant, users are encouraged to independently verify the qualifications and background of any expert or consultant.

All of the information contained and presented on this web site has been provided by the experts, or their representatives. Although Ca-Experts.Com takes every precaution to insure accuracy, errors may occur. Ca-Experts.Com disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the listings.

Ca-Experts.Com requests that you please report any errors or inaccuracies noted by using the "Update Your Listing" form or by sending an email to: Ca-Experts.Com with the subject "Correction." We invite your input and comments, as well as new listings to be added to the Expert List.

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The contents of this Expert Witness List may not be republished, sold, or incorporated into any other data base for any purpose.

Use of the information provided herein for purposes of solicitation, or for any other purpose other than to retain an expert or consultant, is strictly prohibited.

Ca-Experts.Com may, from time to time, send email to its subscribers regarding listings or services. No third party emails will be sent or solicited without notice.


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