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Stone Ridge, NY 12484
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  • Highly-decorated & acclaimed federal agent (retired)
  • Police Instructor (current)
  • Author of Manual on Informant Handling & Undercover Tactics for the State of New York.
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Service in 4 federal agencies
  • Internationally acclaimed expert in Covert Operations
  • Human Intelligence Operations (Informant Management)
  • Best-selling & Peer Journal author
  • Media consultant
  • Lecturer & police instructor with 40 years experience as:
    • Court-qualified expert witness
    • Trial consultant
  • Trial Consultant, Expert Witness & Investigator, with a record of expert testimony & reporting in the following areas:
    • Informants (handling, documentation & corroboration)
    • Undercover Tactics
    • Blind Mule Defense
    • Interrogations & Interviews
    • Use of Force
    • Entrapment
    • Conspiracy
    • Search & Seizure
    • RICO - (Civil & Criminal)
    • Money Laundering
    • Police Corruption
    • Community Anti-drug tactics
    • Personnel Investigations
    • Narcotic Enforcement & Drug Trafficking
      (International & Domestic)
    • Site & Personal Security
    • Canine related issues
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italian (conversant)

Court Qualified Expert - 1971 to Present
(since 1971 as a federal agent, since 1990 in private practice)
Legal consultant in civil & criminal matters involving, Domestic & International Narcotic Enforcement, RICO, Conspiracy, Money Laundering,Informant Handling, Use of Deadly Force, Informant Entrapment, Undercover tactics & Entrapment, & other matters related to law enforcement & security activities. (specifics & references available on request).

Law Enforcement Instructor - 1973 to Present
Currently, a New York State Police Instructor for the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services, & author of its Manual on Informant Handling & Undercover Operations.
National & International Police Instructor:
(since 1973 as a federal agent, since 1990 in private practice)
Instruct local law enforcement agencies in Undercover Tactics, Informant Handling, Raids, Narcotics Investigations, International Operations, etc. Licensed New York State Police Instructor & a regular lecturer at the New York State Police Academy. Guest lecturer for FBI Advanced Undercover Seminar. Since retirement, have lectured many local enforcement agencies on Undercover Survival Tactics, Informant Handling & more. Currently a regular instructor of Undercover Tactics & Informant Handling for the Ontario Provincial Police Academy & Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Lecturer & Consultant - 1973 to Present
On the subject of International Narcotic Enforcement & related subjects, I have appeared before a wide variety of audiences, from the United Nations & the World Presidents Organization to the New York City Council, & The Cato Institute. I lecture frequently at colleges & universities across the US & Canada. In 1993 I was voted the Canadian College Speaker of the Year. I have also been invited as a lecturer/consultant to international drug conferences sponsored by the French, Spanish & Dutch governments.
(complete list available on request)

ATM Task Force - 1994 to 1995
At the request of New York City Mayor, David Dinkins, I served on a special select task force whose focus was the formulation of laws that would increase the security at New York City's 25,000 Automatic Teller Machines.

Drug Bureau Chief Barnstable County, MA Sheriffs Department
January 1993 to January 1994
Hired for the express purpose of implementing a Fight Back anti-drug & community based crime program which I developed. The program was called "the only plan ever to come out of America that made any sense" by the Swedish Carnegie Institute & "Fight Back" (see PUBLICATONS) was recommended reading by the Clinton Administration Drug Policy Office.

Drug Enforcement Administration - 1973 to 1990
Positions held:
  • Country Attaché, Argentina & Uruguay
    1980 to 1982 - Senior US law enforcement officer in the Southern Cone.
  • Special Operations Officer, South America.
  • Inspector of DEA field Operations, worldwide.
  • Desk Officer, Cocaine Desk & Heroin Desk, DEA Headquarters, Washington, DC.
  • Miami Airport Supervisor, Vice President's South Florida Task Force.
  • Instructor & Lecturer, Public Affairs & Training Office.
  • Group Supervisor, New York City Field Division.
  • Group Supervisor, New York City Joint Federal State Task Force.
  • Acting Group Supervisor, International Group, New York City Field Division.
  • Assistant Group Supervisor FBI/DEA Task Force.
  • DEA liaison officer with government of Israel.
During the above period of time, I was considered one of DEA's top deep cover specialists, charged with design & orchestration of some of the governments most significant national & international investigations.

Assistant Group Supervisor, Hard Narcotics Smuggling Division
US Customs, Port of New York - 1970 to 1973

Special Agent, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms - 1966 to 1970

Special Agent, Intelligence Division of Internal Revenue Service
Organized Crime Division - 1965 to 1966


BBA degree in Accounting, Minor in Economics
Hofstra University - June, 1965


  • Reid Method, Advanced Interrogations & Interview Seminar.
1958 to 1961 US Air Force
  • Military Police School
  • Base Security Seminar, Strategic Air Command
  • Sentry Dog Handling School
1965 to 1966 IRS Intelligence Division Schools
  • Special Agent School
  • Tax Law School
1965 - 1966 US Treasury Schools
  • Treasury Law Enforcement Academy
1966 to 1970 BATF Schools
  • ATF Investigator School
  • Bomb Investigation & Weapon Schools
  • Executive Protection School
1970 to 1973 US Customs Schools
  • Customs Special Agent Academy
  • Sky Marshal Training Seminar
1973 to 1990 DEA Schools
  • Senior & Mid Level Management Schools
  • Police Instructor School
  • Intelligence Gathering Principles (given by CIA).
  • Operational Inspectors School - (Reliable Methods of Investigative File Review)
  • Narcotic Related Death Seminar
  • RICO prosecution seminars
  • Title III Seminars
  • OCDETF Seminars
  • Conspiracy Prosecution Seminar
  • Narcotic Related Death Seminar
1978 State Department Schools
  • Foreign Service Institute (foreign diplomacy & diplomatic Spanish)

1958 to 1961 US Air Force
  • Military Police Officer
  • Sentry Dog Handler.
  • Base Security Division of Air Police

Considered one of the most decorated agents in the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Awards include the Octavio Gonzalez Award, given by the International Narcotic Enforcement Officer's, for undercover penetration of the Roberto Suarez, Bolivian cocaine cartel, the biggest case in drug war history (at that time), along with more than twenty Awards from the Justice & Treasury Departments & foreign police agencies.
(Complete list furnished on request)


  • I was the subject of Undercover, by British author, Donald Goddard
    (Random House/Times Books - October, 1988).
  • I am the author of:
    • Deep Cover
      (Delacorte Publishers - March 1990)
    • Fight Back
      (Dell - October, 1991)
    • The Big White Lie
      co-written by my wife, LAURA KAVANAU
      (Thunder's Mouth Press - October, 1993)
    • The Triangle of Death - Our latest book
      (Delacorte - August, 1996)
I have also had articles published by:
  • The New York Times
  • New York Newsday
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Narc Officer
  • Extra
  • Spin
  • Prison Life
  • Utne Reader
  • & many others (copies available)
My books have been translated into Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Finish, Romanian, French & Portuguese.


I have appeared as a guest/expert on the following nationally televised shows:
  • 60 Minutes (Informants)
  • Donahue
  • Geraldo Rivera (Daytime show & Rivera Live)
  • Inside Edition
  • Good Morning America (3 times)
  • NBC Morning Show
  • CBS Morning Show
  • MacNeil Lehrer News Hour - interviewed by Charlene Hunter-Gault on Informants
  • Dick Cavett (2 times)
  • 9 Broadcast Plaza
  • Bill Moyers (2 times)
  • Like It Is - Gil Noble (2 times)
  • Dan Rather News (several times)
  • 20/20 (ABC)
  • CBS Eye On America
  • Night Watch
  • Crier Report (Fox News Net)
  • Crossfire
  • HBO documentary on undercover work
  • Arts & Entertainment Movie Undercover & more
Most recently can be seen on the History Channel in the Mike Wallace's "20th Century Special "Losing the Drug War."

My "60 Minutes" piece entitled "Informants" is used by law enforcement throughout the US as a training tool (including Federal Law Enforcement Training School)

I have appeared as an expert on various law enforcement related topics, particularly Criminal Informants & Undercover Tactics on numerous local television shows around the country including Miami, New York, Connecticut, Westchester County, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Boston, Cape Cod, Portland, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Atlanta & more.

I have also made guest appearances on hundreds of local & national radio shows around the country.

  • Association of Former Federal Narcotic Agents
  • Association of Former Intelligence Officers
  • International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association
  • Geopolitical Drug Watch (OGD)
  • National Police Defense Foundation
  • Concerns of Police Survivors
  • Survivors of the Sheild
  • Force Institute (Police Use of Force)
  • As a Federal Law Enforcement Officer serving under IRS Intelligence, BATF, US Customs & DEA I have testified as an Expert Witness, during my 25 year career, in criminal & civil cases on more than 150 occasions in federal & state courts throughout the US & Puerto Rico.

  • Since my retirement on January, 1990, I have been retained as an Expert Witness & trial consultant on more than 100 occasions, more than ninety percent of which resulted in out-of-court resolutions.
(Details on request)

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