Randy L. Phares, President
Dr. Box Consulting, Inc.
23017 West Lone Mountain Road
Wittmann, AZ 85361
Cell Phone: (775) 443-5529
Email: drbox@live.com


Global Award Winning Consultant & Multi-plant General Manager who delivers breakthrough bottom line results. Winner of Best Achievement of Organizational Business Improvement in Manufacturing presented at the Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Awards in 2009. Orchestrator of the best financial improvement of the year for Temple-Inland (Fortune 1000) in 2009 out of 64 plants (91% ROI Improvement). Top Performing Plant Awards for four consecutive years out of 26 plants for Gaylord Container Corporation. Proven success in Start-Up, Shut Down, Turnarounds, Mergers, Acquisitions and Sustaining Success operations. Maintain the highest ethical standards. Founder & President of the Paperboard Packaging Group in November of 2008 with over 25,000 current members. Mr. Phares has also worked on many consulting projects in India, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Latin America, Eastern & Western Europe, USA, Canada & more. His projects for the Country of Georgia & Afghanistan were for the Governments of those countries. Randy has performed multiple Market Feasibility Studies to determine whether the largest box manufacturer in Latin America should build a new plant in different areas. These included a list of all potential customers in the area, an evaluation of their competitors & a full economic analysis including the financial data from each entity. He has done projects for several Fortune 500 Corporations in addition to small family owned companies. He has expertise in packaging ranging from design, testing and manufacture of: crates, folding cartons, corrugated packaging, pallets, flexible & rigid packaging. Randy Phares has been exclusively a full time consultant in exclusively the Packaging Industry since 2010. He is currently the President of the consulting firm Dr. Box Consulting, Inc. & its Chief Consultant. He is first & foremost a consultant but has also provided consulting & Expert Witness services in litigation within the Unites States & his Expert Testimony, reports & Depositions have never been challenged as to their validity or his status as an expert (ie. Daubert Challenge or otherwise).

  • Lead 200 Employees in three Facilities (US & Mexico)
  • Grow and Support Over $60 Million in Sales
  • Multi-Plant Full P&L and Budgeting Responsibility
  • Expert in Manufacturing, Packaging, Logistics and Branding
  • Performance Improvement Results
  • Merger and Acquisition Trained
  • Developed Several World Class Teams
  • Guided Multiple Companies to Awarded Excellence
Paperboard Packaging Group - Nov 1, 2010 to Present
Carson City, NV
  • PPG has over 25,000 members worldwide
  • Expert Witness on Multi-Million Dollar Cases
  • Worked on Projects for Latin America, Europe & Asia
  • Set Packaging Standards for the Country of Georgia
  • Host of "The Box Report" on Pulp & Paper Radio Int
  • Recruited Top Packaging Candidates for Clients
  • TAPPI Consultant on TAPPI Consulting Council
  • Vice Chair of Packaging Consultants Council for IOPP
  • Created the CPLP Certification for Packaging
  • Lean Manufacturing Certification Trainer in Packaging

Moved to Phoenix to become a full-time consultant. Paperboard Packaging Group, Inc. is a free membership organization dedicated to paper based packaging. Dr. Box Consulting, Inc. is operated out of Peoria, AZ. Randy is a go to source for process improvement, purchasing, manufacturing, distributing and packaging environments.

Temple-Inland - Dec 10, 2007 to Oct 29, 2010
Edinburg, TX
General Manager of Edinburg, TX, Nuevo Laredo & Reynosa, Mexico Facilities
  • Managed Plants in the US and Mexico
  • Full P&L and Budgeting Responsibility
  • Increased Value Added Sales by 232%
  • Improved Profits by over $3 Million in 2009
  • Highest Productivity in the History of the Plant
  • Improved OHSA Recordable Rate from 8.4 to 0.75
  • Reduced Lead Times by 85%
  • Expanded sales into Central America
  • Improved On Time Delivery From 92% to 99.3%
  • Implemented Lean Six Sigma
  • Increased Selling Margins 34%
  • Improved Net ROI by 91%
  • Reduced Tooling Cost by 40%
  • Reduced Labor by over $1 Million

Asked by the Vice President of the International Group to turn around the three operations in South Texas and Northeast Mexico. These operations had declining Sales, Contribution Margin and Profit. These operations were near the bottom of the company out of 64 plants in Profit, Safety, Cost of Goods Sold, Productivity, Waste, and Quality. Randys team choreographed one of the best turnarounds in Temple-Inland history. This turnaround included ceasing operations in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and adding manufacturing capabilities to the facility in Reynosa, Mexico. My operations earned the only Strong rating ever given by Temple-Inland for Financial Audit results and one of the few Strong ratings ever given for Safety Management System Audit results. Temple-Inland was the third largest manufacturer of Corrugated Packaging in North America and was voted Most Admired in Fortune Magazine three years in a row.

Marfred Industries - Aug 16, 1999 to Nov 23 2007
Lakeview Terrace, CA
General Manager of Manufacturing (since September 2004)
  • Created Multi-Divisional Strategic Plans
  • Full P&L and Budgeting for Two Divisions
  • Managed Folding Carton and Corrugated Divisions
  • Directed Inside Sales for the Distribution Division
  • Saved over $750,000 in Net Purchases Per Year
  • Saved over $400,000 In Labor Per Year
  • Led Folding Carton Division to Profitability
  • Opened the Structural and Graphic Design Center
  • Created a World Class Corrugated Operation
  • Reduced Folding Carton Lead Times by Over 60%
  • Improved Productivity in Corrugated by 18%
  • Increased Productivity in Folding Cartons by 26%
  • Implemented Kaizen, Kanban, 5S, SMED and TOC
  • Implemented Lean Manufacturing and Deming
  • Formed Comprehensive Vendor Management System
  • Improved Vendor On Time Delivery From 93% to 99%
  • Reduced Folding Carton WIP by 77%

Chosen by the CEO to assume leadership and turn around the performance of the struggling Folding Carton Division in September 2004. Challenged by the CEO to assume control of the Distribution Division Inside Sales Group in September 2006 to improve sales and customer focus in order to turn declining annual sales into sales growth. Led the Folding Carton Division to profitability and beat industry averages in sales growth in distributed products. Installed In-House Graphic Design and Computer to Plate Systems to reduce lead times and improve margins. Utilized Vital Statistics to create teams to improve performance in weak areas. Marfred Industries was a $75 million independent family owned corporation. Marfred Industries manufactured Corrugated Boxes, Folding Cartons, Litho Labels, Ink, Printing Plates, cutting dies, and had in-house graphic design, structural design, branding, and marketing. They also distributed thousands of packaging and janitorial supplies through their Distribution Division. They were purchased by AMCOR.

General Manager - Corrugated Division (January 2003 September 2004)
  • Exceed TAPPI Excellence Goals for Productivity
  • Exceed TAPPI Excellence Goals for Waste
  • Full Divisional P&L and Budgeting Responsibility
  • Increased Value-Added Sales by $2.1 Million

Selected to be the General Manager by the CEO to lead the $30 million Corrugated Division to World Class status. Doubled the size of the operation and created one of the newest state of the art facilities in North America making strong profits in a down economy.

Corrugated Plant Manager & Corporate Manufacturing Committee Chairman (August 1999 to January 2003)
  • Plant P&L Responsibility
  • Managed Three Locations (over 275,000 feet)
  • Multi-Divisional Strategic Planning Responsibility
  • Consolidated Multi-Divisional Operations
  • Improved On-Time Delivery from 80% to 98%
  • Documented all Plant Processes

Led the consolidation of the Corrugated Container Plant and Folding Carton Plant into one synergistic manufacturing operation. Implemented Lean Manufacturing Cell/Time systems for a large customer reducing labor by over 20% and landing a long-term $12 million dollar contract. Created a detailed 5-year Sales Plan and Financial Analysis to benchmark and direct future sales growth and the expansion to support additional sales.

Stone Container Corporation(Smurfit-Stone Corporation) - March 11, 1996 to Aug 13, 1999
Glendale, AZ
Quality Assurance Manager & Account Executive for Mexico Region (September 1996 to August 1999)
  • Nominated for Corporate Chairmans Award 1998
  • Nominated for Project XV Sales Award 1998
  • Employee of the Year 1998
  • Co-Wrote ISO 9001 Procedures
  • Achieved ISO 9001 Registration for multiple Plants
  • Lead ISO 9001 Quality Auditor for the Pacific Region
  • Safety Champion for the Southwest Region
  • Trained by Bain Capital on Merger Integration
  • Achieved and Maintained AIB Superior Rating
  • Ran the Corrugated Testing Lab (Mullen, ECT, etc.)
  • Account Manager for $7.5 Million in Sales
  • Improved Safety Incident Rate From 8.6 to 3.2

On the Smurfit-Stone Merger Mobilization team challenged with consolidating operations to save over $50 million per year. The team saved almost $100 million. Implemented the first Stone Container JIT II (Cooperative Alliance) system with a $6.5 million account in Mexico. Reduced the number of quality errors at the Glendale Plant by over 30%.

  • Production Supervisor (March 1996 to September 1996)
  • Involved in SMED, Lean Manufacturing and TOC
  • Involved in Zero Discharge and Wash Saver

Supervised the Flexo Department consisting of 17 people. Smurfit-Stone was the worlds largest box manufacturer and a Fortune 250 corporation. This is a union facility. Smurfit-Stone was bought by Rock-Tenn which is now WestRock.

Gaylord Container Corporation (Temple-Inland) - December 12, 1990 to March 8, 1996
Glendale AZ
Head Production Supervisor (Final Position Attained)
  • Best Performing Plant 1992 through 1995 (26 Plants)
  • Finalist for the Governors Pioneer Award for Quality
  • Process and Procedure Training Manager
  • Assistant Design Engineer
  • Improved Safety Incident Rate from 15.7 to 4.8
  • Outstanding Employee Award

Started up a new Specialty Sheet Plant. Ran Corrugator, Flexo, Diecutting, Finishing, Shipping, Sheet Plant and Maintenance Departments simultaneously at two manufacturing and distribution facilities. Supervised three Foremen and over 60 employees while directing all plant training. Gaylord Container was a $1 billion corporation that is now part of International Paper. This was a Union facility.

  • Invented a Recyclable Corrugated Pallet US Patent #5672412 (issued on September 30, 1997)
  • Certified Packaging Lean Practitioner CPLP Paperboard Packaging Group, Inc.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration University of Phoenix (3.95 GPA) (Not Completed)
  • Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) American Society for Quality (1997)
  • Certified Quality Manager (CQMgr.) American Society for Quality (1998)
  • Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) American Society for Quality (1998)
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) National Association for Professional Resume Writers (2011)
  • Quality Engineering Certificate University of Phoenix (1997)
  • ISO 9001 Lead Auditing Course John Burr, Rochester Institute of Technology (1997)
  • Management Action Plan (MAP) Course MAP (2001)
  • Dale Carnegie Course Dale Carnegie Institute (1992)
  • Merger Integration Bain Capital and SSCC (1999)
  • SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley Antitrust and Financial Reporting
  • Extensive Training List Available Upon Request
  • TAPPI Consultant Member of the Packaging Consulting Council for TAPPI (2011+)
  • IOPP Consultant Member and Vice Chair of the Packaging Consultants Council of the IOPP (2011+)
  • Appointed to the Advisory Board of Paperboard Packaging Magazine in 2010
  • Founded the Paperboard Packaging Group in Nov 2008 - recruited 25,000+ members in over 30 countries
  • Director Paperboard Packaging Group Expo 2010 Leading World Class Performance, (www.ppgexpo.com)
  • 2009 2010 President of the Board of Directors, South Texas Manufacturers Association (www.stma-tx.org)
    • Leader of the 2010 Strategic Planning Committee to Create the new Vision, Mission and 3 Year Plan
  • Packaging, branding and manufacturing expert for worldwide www.packaginglaunch.com Website (2009 - 2010)
  • 2008 - 2010 Member of the Board of Directors of the United Way of South Texas (www.unitedwayofsotx.org).
  • 1999-2000 Member of the Board of Directors for Tucson Transatlantic Trade Holding Group (www.ttthg.com).
  • Senior Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Customer Supplier Division (www.asqcsd.org)
  • Vice-Chairman of Administration for the ASQ Customer-Supplier Division (Fiscal 1999)
    • Vice-Chairman of Membership for ASQ-Customer Supplier Division (Fiscal 2000)
    • Track Manager ASQ-Customer Supplier Division Annual Conference, October 1999
    • Oversaw the Bylaws Committee, Examining Committee and the Financial Auditing Committee
    • Member of the ASQ-Customer Supplier Division Strategic Planning Committee (2000)
  • Member of the Technical Association for the Pulp and Paper Industry TAPPI (1998)
  • Member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches PARWCC (2011)

Appeared in Board Converting News, Paperboard Packaging Magazine, Official Board Markets, Packaging Connections, Society for Human Resource Managers and Packaging Today and much more. Many of my credits are listed below:

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